About Us

About Tati and Ida’s Homemade Bakery Homemade Cakes and Cupcakes in Baldwin, NY


At Tati and Ida’s Homemade Bakery we’re deeply passionate about baking. All of our products are made with sincere love and homemade goodness, and we’re devoted to providing the highest quality “100% from scratch” baked goods for our customers.

We never use any preservatives or shortcut ingredients, and when you purchase a product from Tati and Ida’s, you’re purchasing a TRUE homemade product that contains our special love and touch which creates an amazing taste that will keep you comin’ back for MORE!!!

Tati and Ida’s Homemade Bakery specializes in delicious custom baked cakes and scrumptious cupcakes. We’re not like the typical bakery where items are mass-production baked and taste that way.

And, at Tati and Ida’s Homemade Bakery, we take great pride in our customers and strive to always deliver with excellence. We not only want to be known as the special family bakery that delivers a great tasting product, but also as the finest bakery with a reputation for lifelong loyal customers who tell their friends about the best tasting bakery goods in the land!

And as our customers say, “Just one taste and you’ll be in love forever!”

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